Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kerry to Vote No on Iraq Bill: ‘An Iraq Bill Without a Deadline is Meaningless’

The new Iraq spending bill is making waves and Chris Bowers on MYDD has the new video from Chris Dodd up that explains why Dodd is voting "NO" on the bill. Bowers said, "It will be interesting to see if there is a chorus of Democrats who start to join him on this." Meteor Blades on DKos reports that "nearly a two-thirds majority, will vote against the egregious Iraq funding "compromise" put together by the Senate-House conference committee."

Here's one Senator who will be joining Dodd with a "NO" vote. Personally, I had no reason to think that Kerry would support the new plan...

Sen. John Kerry issued the following statement today on his plan to vote “no” on a military spending bill that no longer contains any binding deadline for the redeployment of troops from Iraq. He reiterated that a "timeframe for redeployment of the troops is the Only Way Forward."
"We support the troops by getting the policy right and this bill allows the President to keep getting the policy wrong. We need a deadline to force Iraqis to stand up for Iraq and bring our heroes home, not watered down benchmarks and blank check waivers for this President. We support the troops by funding the right mission, not with a White House that opposes a pay raise for our brave men and women in uniform,” Kerry said. “The original Senate legislation offered a roadmap to change course in Iraq. This new version enables the Administration and Iraqi politicians to deliver more of the same. I am determined to continue pressing this issue until President Bush changes course. We owe our troops nothing less than a strategy that is worthy of their sacrifice.”

Keep the pressure on... Chime in here: Tell Congress - No Blank Check For Iraq.

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