Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kerry Warns White House: If you Expect Senate Confirmation, Send us a Nominee Who will Protect Consumers

The White House agreed to Wednesday to withdraw the name of Michael Baroody as the new chief of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Baroody had faced "strong opposition from some Senate Democrats because of his career as a manufacturers' lobbyist."
Baroody is a lobbyist for the National Association of Manufacturers, and his critics on Capitol Hill said he would not provide the leadership the agency needed in order to protect consumers.

Democrats also had raised questions about a $150,000 payment that Baroody would have received from the manufacturers' lobbying group when he left.

Given his poor record on issues of consumer protection, John Kerry had announced that he was likely to vote against Baroody if his nomination ever came before the Commerce Committee.
“I hope the White House now knows that on an issue as important as consumer safety we won’t allow them to put a fox in charge of guarding the henhouse. This agency matters too much to parents and children to be a gift to someone without even a vague interest in consumer protection. The White House now needs to send us a nominee who will fight for consumers, not one who will fight against their interests.”

Another Bush nominee bites the dust...

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