Friday, December 29, 2006

More "Moonbattery" from the Right on the Kerry Photo

The controversy continues on the Kerry photo from Iraq, that the right wing bloggers have falsely interpretated as a statement that John Kerry's "welcome was less than warm" in Iraq.

Justin Rood of TPMmuckraker reports today that Ben Of Mesopotamia (aka Ben Runkle) has provided an explanation of the photo in question, putting to "rest the questions raised about the picture's authenticity."

Yesterday, I posted here that there could be any number of plausible explanations for why the table Kerry was seated at was not filled with the "troops" who the right wing bloggers claimed were shunning him due to the "botched" joke in late October. I also posted two photos of Kerry with the "troops" while in Iraq -- photos that clearly show the "troops" and Kerry in good spirits with smiles all around.

For the right wing bloggers to claim one photo as concrete evidence of their warped narrative on the photo is ludicrous to say the least. It's a desperate attempt to reach at a conclusion that can be not be drawn from a single photo. Steve Benen notes a similar conclusion on The Carpetbagger Report.

On Powerline, John Hinderaker claims that the "moonbats couldn't let it go" when it came to discussing the photo in question. Interestingly, I found that all the right wing blogs that went after the left wing blogs on the controversy, failed to note my plausible explanation to the photo, although I had linked to trackbacked to many of those blogs. To note my plausible explanation would of course show cause as to why the right wing claims were BUNK. John on Powerline goes on to continue to back up the right wing meme on the photo with this tidbit:

... when I tried to explain this controversy to my wife last night, she reacted with puzzlement: "What difference does it make if the picture was taken in January or December? It shows the troops avoiding Kerry either way."

What a load of B.S.! The photo shows John Kerry sitting a table, evidently engaged in conversation with someone down table a bit, and nothing more.

On Political Animal yesterday, one reader offered this quote from famed photographer Richard Avedon, in the discussion on the subject, that nails the controversy perfectly: "All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth."

We can interpret a photo a thousand different ways, but no one interpretation is the truth. The fact is, as I stated here yesterday, that "John Kerry is one huge threat to the wingnuts and they perpetuate their lies and their childish name-calling because of that fact. I mean let’s get real here, if he wasn’t a threat they would be tripping all over each other seeing who can out hype the next."

There are countless examples of baseless claims about John Kerry on the right wing blogs. Many have been debunked here. The perpetuation of this story by blogs like Powerline, Gateway Pundit, Riehl World View and Michelle Malkin, prove once again, that Kerry is threat to the right wing. That's the real story.


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