Wednesday, November 29, 2006

John Kerry on Massachusetts vs. EPA

Longtime champion of the environment, John Kerry released the following statement today on Massachusetts vs. EPA:

“I’m proud that Massachusetts is leading the charge in the most significant environmental case in decades. But it speaks volumes that our state was forced to go all the way to the Supreme Court because the federal government refuses to accept reality. It’s amazing that the Supreme Court has to decide whether the emissions that cause global warming are "air pollutants" under the Clean Air Act. It's a question of fact over fiction, action over delay.

Regardless of the outcome of this case, the polluting special interests are losing the battle outside Washington. States and cities have put global warming solutions at the top of their agendas. And with the new Congress elected to change Washington, I am hopeful that we can finally go to work on address global climate change rather than denying the obvious.”

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