Wednesday, November 29, 2006

CNN's Larry King Live: Larry King Interviews Senator John Kerry

John Kerry was on Larry King Live tonight. The interview, as I expected ran the gamut of some of today's news on the Iraq War and of course included the obligatory speculation about the '08 presidential race. Kerry was on the money about Iraq and needless to say much of what he has said in the past, including Iraq being a Civil War, is all very prevelant in the news today.

King brought up that Kerry had met with the Iraq Study Group, on Monday and asked Kerry if he had any idea what they would say -- the interview was a few short hours before the N.Y. Times broke their story revealing that the Iraq Panel will recommend "pullback of combat troops." No doubt Kerry had an indication that the Iraq Panel would recommend "a gradual pullback" of the troops, somewhat similar to his proposal months ago, and in the interview he also stressed the need for a real diplomatic summit, "bringing all of the warring parties together, bringing the permanent five of the United Nations together, bringing the Arab League, the neighbors of the region and all coming together at a major conference at which the real stakes with respect to Iraq are put on the table."

"That kind of diplomacy has been absent here."

The transcript is available here.


Blogger Frederick said...

Kerry took a good stand when he said we should be talking to Iran and Syria, just as Raygun and Nixon had talked to Russia and China.

1:50 AM  

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