Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kerry Slams Pace of New Orleans Recovery

John Kerry made his third visit to the hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans area on Friday where he was the keynote speaker at the 14th annual convention of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. While in New Orleans, the New Orleans Picayune reports that Kerry said "the government's role in the recovery of hurricane-battered New Orleans is shockingly inadequate."

"Too much of New Orleans looks like it's being treated like a Third World nation," Kerry said. "This is the United States of America."

Kerry also noted that the White House "has not done enough to call upon the nation's spirit of charity."

For example, he said, the White House could create a domestic Peace Corps to help send more volunteers to the Gulf Coast.

"If we can spend billions and stay the course in Iraq, we can spend billions to stay the course right here in New Orleans," Kerry said.

And speaking of Iraq... "Stay the Course" isn't working - nor is the new security plan for Iraq...

The last time President Bush met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, White House officials touted a new security plan for Baghdad as one of the centerpieces of Iraq's fledgling national unity government.

Five weeks later, even the White House concedes that the plan has not worked as hoped: Car bombs, hidden explosives and ambushes by gunmen have killed scores of Iraqis in the capital.

What can we say: Kerry was right about Iraq and he's right about Katrina recovery efforts in New Orleans and the Gulf area.


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