Sunday, July 16, 2006

John Kerry Was Right: Iraq in Civil War

John Kerry was right in early April when he said in an OP/ED in the NY Times, "We are now in the third war in Iraq in as many years."

The UK's Daily Telegraph reports, "The battle lines of a full-scale civil war in Iraq have been drawn in Baghdad."

Highway 60 has become one of the bloodiest fronts in the war between Sunni and Shia. Known to its frightened inhabitants as the "street of death", the road in the south-east of the capital is a symbol of the sectarian violence that is pushing the country ever closer to the abyss...

The worsening security crisis has left a growing sense of dread among the new Iraqi government and the American-led coalition forces, with the United States ambassador claiming last week that sectarian violence was now a greater threat to the country's future than the three-year insurgency...

As Iraqi security forces and the US military are accused of turning a blind eye to the slaughter, observers fear that the country has reached a third, even more intractable, phase in the recent conflict, beyond insurgency and beyond even combat between organised armed groups.

"What we're now seeing has no shape whatever," a Western diplomat said. "It's just everyone fighting everyone. Anarchy."

When we will put an end to the "stay the course" madness? We had the opportunity to set a timeline to withdraw from Iraq, instead of heeding Kerry's warning months ago, Republican's played politics with Iraq, and the lives of our our troops.

Once again it appears that the "Republican attack dogs have some explaining to do and our troops deserve answers."

Everyday the news from Iraq is bleaker than the day before... Today, an Iraq oil official was kidnapped, 26 died in cafe suicide bombing and the head of Iraq's Olympic Committee and more than 30 other people we abducted in a downtown Baghdad sports conference.

It's time for the Republican leadership to wake up and smell the coffee, and that goes for the Democrats, too, who are still unwilling to formulate a plan for withdrawal as well. Iraq is out of control. Our military can not fix it.

The war in Iraq, "cannot be won militarily. It must be won politically. No American soldier should be sacrificed because Iraqi politicians refuse to resolve their ethnic and political differences."

John Kerry was right, Iraq is in a civil war...
It's not our civil war...
Bring our troops home.


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