Thursday, July 13, 2006

John Kerry: The Difference You Are Making

John Kerry sent out a thank you email to supporters today outlining the accomplishments of the community. Incase anyone missed it, here it is:

Over the last 19 months, when you could have walked away, you dusted yourself off, got back on your feet, dug deeper, and you have fought even harder.

On the biggest issues of our time, and on the critical campaigns that will determine the outcome of this fall's national elections, no group of people has shown more resolve and provided more support than you. There's no fancy way of saying it: thank you.

Just step back and think for a moment about the impact you have had, the fights that define your convictions, and the impact you will have in November.

Someone who wants to know what our online community fights for will take a look at what you've done and they'll see something powerful.

They'll see that the hundreds of thousands of activists who called for a filibuster of the Alito nomination were right. Right about what kind of Justice he will turn out to be -- and right that we need Justices who will protect the constitutional rights of Americans.

They'll see that the nearly 300,000 people who acted in support of a deadline for withdrawing troops from Iraq and the Kerry-Feingold Amendment were right. Right to insist on a change of course in the Bush administration's failed policies and right to keep the pressure on until the future of Iraq is where it belongs -- in the hands of the Iraqi people.

They'll see that the more than a quarter of a million people who have joined Maria Cantwell and me in defending the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge acted because we had to draw a line of protection around this precious natural heritage, and we had to promote an energy policy worthy of America so we never go to war for oil.

But, in 2006, our biggest impact -- our ability to help turn the country around -- will be felt most clearly on November 7th. We're acting together to elect Democrats who will take power out of the hands of Republicans who have tolerated and excused one unfathomable Bush disaster after another -- and put it in the hands of patriots who will put our country back on track.

Our most crucial work is still ahead of us. We'll have to pour everything we've got into the last four months of these critical 2006 elections. But, today, all I'm asking you to do is stop and reflect on what we've done together already.

With your extraordinary support -- a kind of collective activity on behalf of Democratic candidates that is unprecedented in American politics -- together we have contributed or helped raise nearly $10 million for over 160 Democratic candidates, committees, and organizations.

The Democratic Party and its candidates in key races have needed your help, and you have delivered. In fact, the community has already poured more than $100,000 into each of eight critical races.

We've acted to help Bill Nelson wage his contest against Katherine Harris in Florida. When Republican Senator Ted Stevens went to Washington to threaten Maria Cantwell for refusing to let Big Oil destroy the Arctic Refuge, we made it clear that we'll never let those who stand up for what we believe in stand alone.

At a crucial point in her Illinois House race, we raised $150,000 in two days to help Iraq war hero Tammy Duckworth advance her campaign. And we've stood by Iraq veterans running in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Colorado as well.

We've drawn attention and support to 12 Democratic challengers running in some of the closest House races in the nation. And we've weighed in to help Democratic challengers in critical Senate races, from Harold Ford in Tennessee to Sherrod Brown in Ohio to Bob Casey in Pennsylvania.

And, in addition to raising funds, we've helped candidates all across the country recruit volunteers to help their campaigns with voter contact and get-out-the-vote efforts.

When we look up on Election Day, we'll be able to say, with pride and enthusiasm, that no group has worked harder or more effectively than we have to produce the Democratic victories we need to move America forward.

You have played -- and I hope will continue to play -- the most crucial role in this endeavor. We have four months of hard work and sacrifice ahead of us and we won't stop working until we win.

Thanks so much for all of your help, energy and commitment. I'm proud of what you do, and I hope I live up to your values and convictions in the way I fight by your side.


John Kerry


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