Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Contradictions of Mary Cheney

It is not easy to be a Republican and hold a key view which differs from the party line. Imagine someone like Mary Cheney who has to reconcile supporting Bush/Cheney, which based much of their campaign on gay bashing, with her own lesbianism. Mary Cheney had to find a way to rationalize both supporting Bush/Cheney and opposing John Kerry, who was supportive of her and other lesbians.

AMERICAblog looks at Mary Cheney’s views on the two candidates and notes these contradictions. Her view on Bush: “I think he’s a very good man. On these issues, he hasn’t caught up.'’ No concern for how the campaign used gay marriage as a wedge issue to stir up votes from the religious right. Meanwhile Kerry, who supported diversity, was, in her mind, “obviously trying to use me and my sexual orientation for his own political gain.'’


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