Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bush and Republicans Continue Fall in Polls

When Bush said he’d be a uniter in 2000 (sometime before he became a War President, and well before he became The Decider), we didn’t realize he meant uniting the country in opposition to him. It is amazing how closely the polls track Bush in a downward trend. CNN has his approval at 32%. CBS shows Bush’s approval at 33%. A USA Today/Gallop Poll also has Bush at a new low in their poll at 34%.

Overall opinion of the Republican Party has also dropped. In February 2005 51% had a favorable view compared to 42% with an unfavorable view. Curently only 36% percent have a favorable view with 58% having an unfavorable view of Republicans. This will likley have an impact on this fall’s Congressional elections. Democrats lead 54%-39% when asked which party registered voters prefer in a congressional race.


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