Thursday, May 04, 2006

Good Dogs, Bad Dogs, Lapdogs: How the Media Delivered the Election to Bush by Aiding and Abetting the “Swifities”

There's good dogs and there's bad dogs, big dogs and small dogs. Small dogs are commonly referred to as Lapdogs, they are usually cute and furry and cuddly. But now we have a new breed of Lapdogs... the kind that roll over for Bush and his cabal.

They are not cute and furry, and by no means cuddly, their bark and their bite have caused a lot of damage to America in recent years. Why? Because they became "spooked by allegations of liberal bias" and proceeded to be "afraid of the facts and the consequences of reporting them" during the Bush administration years.

Ron posted earlier today that the Washington Post "reports that George Bush may have Fox News to thank for the 2000 election." That story in the WaPo is a prime example of what Eric Boehlert's new book "Lapdogs" is all about. Salon has a 5 page excerpt from "Lapdogs" here.

The HuffPo has a piece on "Lapdogs" as well today, that exposes the truth about the "Swift Boat Hoax" in no uncertain terms.

In his new book, "Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over For Bush," Eric Boehlert dissects the Beltway media's culpability during the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth smear campaign from the 2004 campaign and concludes the episode "likely delivered Bush the cushion he needed to win in November" and "represented an embarrassing new benchmark for campaign season reporting." "Lapdogs" holds the press accountable for the central role it played in enabling a smear campaign that consumed the crucial campaign month of August 2004 -- "a media monsoon that washed away Kerry's momentum coming out of the Democratic convention."

More on The Democratic Daily.


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