Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Nation Reports a Good Week for Kerry

Kerry from Nation

I’d give Kerry far more credit than The Nation for his early opposition to going to war, but even if they earlier bought some of the anti-Kerry views on the left, at least they are willing to reconsider. Katrina vanden Heuvel writes:

With his op-ed piece in the New York Times on Wednesday; his remarks on Meet the Press this past Sunday; and his e-mail and online petition calling for a withdrawal from Iraq today–John Kerry has broken ranks with a silent Democratic leadership and joined the likes of Russ Feingold and John Murtha in taking a strong position against the war.

I don’t agree with her full assessment of Kerry, but at least she isn’t showing a knee-jerk opposition to another run as is seen in many who supported others for the 2004 nomination. Despite her criticism, she ends with:

Nevertheless, this has been a good week for Kerry when it comes to will and guts. Let’s hope he builds on it–and that his Democratic colleagues do the same.


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