Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Klein Expressed Anti-Democratic Views Prior to Book Publication

While there is undoubtably valid criticism to be made of Democratic consultants, and even of some aspects of Kerry 2004 campaign, we’ve noted that Joe Klein’s criticism has been unfair and inaccurate. Media Matters sheds more light on Klein’s current biases. They report:

Joe Klein declared at an April 11 event that Democrats will not be successful in upcoming elections “if their message is that they hate America — which is what has been the message of the liberal wing of the party for the past twenty years.”

Media Matters previously reported on anti-Democratic statements made by Klein on Chris Matthews’ show on June 12:

You know, at this point the Democrats are a party with absolutely no redeeming social value. I mean, all they’ve been about have been these tactical maneuvers in the legislature. There’s a movement afoot in corporate America, on the left and the right now, to provide some kind of a universal health care plan — Democrats, nowhere. They are nowhere on the war. They’re not providing any kind of considered opposition to Bush’s policy in Iraq, and in national security. They’re doing nothing. It’s a really boring and flat party.

These are a couple of quotes to keep in mind when considering Klein’s criticism of Democrats and John Kerry’s campaign.


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