Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shrum v. Klein

Tapped looks at Joe Klein’s book (discussed earlier). They quote Klein’s claim in the book that Kerry did not discuss Abu Ghraib after his strategists held a focus group. Bob Shrum denied the account, stating that Kerry “never received any advice not to talk about Abu Gharib. I certainly never gave him that advice.”

Klein says this is his story and he’s sticking to it:

Everything in the Kerry section of the book was double and triple-sourced. I spoke directly to the person who conducted the focus groups. A Kerry pollster told me that the consultants’ view of Abu Ghraib was unanimous, which was confirmed by Kerry staff members and other Kerry consultants. And, of course, the proof is on the record: Kerry did not mention Abu Ghraib — or, equally important, the Bush Justice Department Torture Memo — in either his acceptance speech or the three debates. I like and respect Bob, but I find it odd that he was willing to talk to you and not to me, despite repeated requests during the writing of this book.

Shrum’s the clear winner here. Kerry disputed this on Meet the Press, and Pamela already posted several examples of Kerry discussing Abu Ghraib. Klein might have some valid points about campaign consultants, but this example does not support his argument.


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