Saturday, March 11, 2006

John Kerry in NH Points Out What Kerry Got Right

John Kerry was in NH today speaking at speaking at fund-raisers for State Senators Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) and Maggie Hassan (D-Exeter). Afterwards he met with reporters to answer questions that ranged from the decision by the DNC to change NH and Iowa's first in the nation status, to questions about whether or not he would run in '08. During the session of questions from the reporters, John Kerry pointed out the some of the many things that he ran on in '04, that he got right - Listen Here. (hat tip to PoliticsNH)

Kerry was also the keynote speaker at a dinner sponsored by the Nashua and Hillsborough County Democrats, tonight. C-Span will have coverage of tonight's dinner on tomorrow's "Road to the White House."

... Kerry won a standing ovation when he proclaimed, "I've always said this should be the first primary in the country," without elaborating on whether caucuses other than Iowa should come first.

In a speech blasting the Bush administration, Kerry revived key points from his 2004 stump speech, complete with the same references to New Hampshire families: a disabled veteran struggling to make ends meet, a couple whose water was contaminated by MTBE and a woman who kept working during treatment for cancer in order to keep her health insurance.

He singled out the planned deal to allow a Dubai company to run six U.S. port terminals as the latest example of the administration's reliance on secrecy, avoiding the law and "cluelessness at the top."

"Neither the president nor the secretary of homeland security knew about the deal until after it went public," he said. "If that sounds familiar, it should from an administration whose most important disaster management officials had to watch television to learn what was happening down in the Gulf Coast."

Referring to former federal disaster chief Michael Brown, Kerry said: "You know you have a problem when all of a sudden Brownie looks like the competent member of this administration."



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