Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Hope For The Future of Western Civilization

Last Saturday I posted a response to Phillip Longman's fears that the world will become more conservative as conservatives have far more babies than liberals. CBS News reported on my blog post in today's Blogophile. In my response I stated: "While I may have only raised one daughter, my bet is that she, and others like her, will have far more impact on the world than children spoon fed conservative dogma. The ability of conservatives to regurgitate right wing talking points, and even cut and paste them all over the blogosphere, is no match for the ability to think." If Longman is correct, this places a lot of responsibility on our children, including my daughter--pictured above with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (at Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan in September 2004). Although outnumbered, they must carry on the liberal traditions of western civilization and prevent the slide towards ignorance, theocracy, and increased intrusion of big government in individuals lives supported by the conservatives who reproduce at greater rates.

While I've occasionally had blog posts linked at other major sites, for those of us old enough to remember the glory days of CBS News, this link is of special significance. There was once a time when CBS News was one of the major news organizations in this country, the only broadcast network to seriously compete with print journalism. In those days long before CNN and Fox News, ABC was a minor news outfit and NBC, except for brief periods of success with Huntley and Brinkley, did not have the reputation of CBS. If only we had Walter Cronkite reporting on Iraq as he did Vietnam, and Dan Rather back covering the White House as during Watergate.


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