Monday, March 20, 2006

Save Your Money, Don’t Buy Crashing the Gate

A Public Service Announcement from The Democratic Daily:

Knowing that times are tough for some, The Democratic Daily continues to provide valuable tips to save you money. Last week we reported how to get a free cup of Starbucks coffee. Today we will save you even more, $25 to be exact (minus discounts). Our advice: Do not waste your money on Crashing the Gate.

My initial impression from an excerpt was correct. The book is full of the same superficial political analysis seen at Daily Kos. Making matters far worse, Kos and Armstrong take every chance they get to take a cheap shot at John Kerry. In discussing the 2004 nomination battle they white wash every mistake Dean made which cost him the nomination and blame it all on Kerry, Gephardt, and the party establishment. Unsubstantiated attacks previously made on Kerry are presented as facts without any supporting evidence.

Kerry is falsely portrayed as a supporter of the war while Dean is called an opponent despite the lack of any significant difference in their positions. Kerry is blamed for the anti-Dean ads purchased by Americans for Jobs and Health Care based on the flimsy evidence that a former Kerry aide later worked for them. Dean appearances are described as the greatest moment in American democracy while Kerry speeches are described as “tragically comic” as Teresa was “fidgeting by his side.” The DNC election is falsely portrayed as a loss by Kerry, who was “under delusions that he was still in charge of the party,” and a victory for the netroots. No mention that Dean’s victory actually was ultimately unopposed by Kerry and was the result of Dean personally meeting with the DNC members to demonstrate he was a moderate member of the establishment as opposed to a radical from the netroots.

While most thought that the 2004 nomination battles were long over, they continue forever in the pages of this book, and on the blogs of its authors. If Kos and Armstrong have the goal of bringing about success for the Democratic Party, Swiftboating John Kerry in a manner every bit as dishonest as was done by the GOP is a poor way to accomplish this.

(My initial impressions upon receiving the book were also noted in the comments and at Democratic Underground.)


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