Sunday, March 19, 2006

Jennifer Loven, A True Journalist

I recently quoted from Jennifer Loven’s article exposing Bush’s use of straw men.

Doing a little research on her, it looks like Jennifer Loven has a long history of attempting to bring out the truth about the Bush Administration–something too few journalists have been doing.

As expected, the attacks on Loven from the right wing have started. Naturally the right wing bloggers call this bias as they complain about previous times she has reported the truth when other reporters just quoted what Bush said without fact checking. Exposing political leaders when they lie is not bias–it is good journalism.

Bush based his campaign on distorting his own record as well as the record and positions of John Kerry. Most journalists passively reported what Bush said as fact. Fortunately we have a handful of journalists, such as Jennifer Loven, who are willing to go beyond simply reporting what dishonest politicians such as George Bush say.

I even found that the Kerry Reference Library has one of her articles in it on Bush’s National Guard record. Rather than accepting Bush’s claims, she reported on what Bush was hiding.


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