Tuesday, January 31, 2006

John Kerry on the Passing of Coretta Scott King

As reported in the post below, Coretta Scott King, widow of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., has passed away.

Below is a statement from Senator Kerry on the death of Coretta Scott King:

“Coretta Scott King was a role model and a leader for all America. She endured threats, bias, violence and ultimately the loss of her husband but she never lost her faith or her love of our country.

“She raised her children with grace and dignity, never buckling to threats, never surrendering to violence, and never losing sight of Dr. King’s vision of love and tolerance in the face of unrelenting hatred.

“At a time when America was not what it is today for African Americans or women, a widow with four young children chose to carry on, to keep faith, and to speak out to end the injustice of discrimination. She helped to keep Dr. King’s legacy alive after his tragic slaying, and today it is our responsibility to keep their legacy alive by working for equal opportunity to make America all we know our country can and must become.”


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