Friday, January 27, 2006

John Kerry on the Alito Nomination: The Time To Stand Is Now

John Kerry spoke on the Senate Floor earlier today outlining his reasons for making a stand against the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. I heard a clip of the speech this afternoon on The Ed Schultz Show, that defined, in my opinion what this is about: The Time To Stand Is Now (thanks to Swany on Big Ed's Show for the clip)...

Listen Here: The Time To Stand Is Now.

I am proud to join my friend, the senior Senator from Massachusetts, in taking a stand against this nomination. I know it is an uphill battle. I have heard many of my colleagues. I hear the arguments: Reserve your gunpowder for the future. What is the future if it changes so dramatically at this moment in time? What happens to those people who count on us to stand up and protect them now, not later, not at some future time?

This is the choice for the Court now. I reject those notions that there ought to somehow be some political calculus about the future. This impact is going to be now. This choice is now. This ideological direction is defined now.

I just posted a piece a while ago, about standing strong on this fight. That audio clip, that text above defines this fight.



Anonymous Gollum said...

You bet. John Kerry rocks my world. The best thing that can happen is for JFK, Hillary, Biden, Gore, and Edwards to vie for the '08 bid. I just hope they can stamp out any governors or newcomers before the race gets close. Good luck in 2016!

5:31 PM  

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