Friday, January 27, 2006

Abramoff Money Shows This is a Republican Scandal

The American Prospect has commissioned an analysis of money coming from Abramoff clients to further show that this is a Republican scandal. We’ver previously noted that 100% of money directly from Abramoff went to Republicans. In addition, 100% of money given in exchange for favors went to Republicans, and 100% of those indicted are Republicans.

Republicans attempt to claim this is a bipartisan scandal as many of Abramoff’s clients donated money to both parties. The study looked at this money and found:

# in total, the donations of Abramoff’s tribal clients to Democrats dropped by nine percent after they hired him, while their donations to Republicans more than doubled, increasing by 135 percent after they signed him up;

# five out of seven of Abramoff’s tribal clients vastly favored Republican candidates over Democratic ones;

# four of the seven began giving substantially more to Republicans than Democrats after he took them on;

# Abramoff’s clients gave well over twice as much to Republicans than Democrats, while tribes not affiliated with Abramoff gave well over twice as much to Democrats than the GOP — exactly the reverse pattern.


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