Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oliphant: The King of Congressional Corruption

Thomas Oliphant gets down and dirty with his column today about Randy Cunningham. In a virtual bitch slap against the wave of rampant corruption in Washington, Oliphant points out that that while Cunningham was busy pushing with the Swift Boat memes about John Kerry in April '04 saying Kerry had "'energized the enemy," just one week before Cunningham had "defrauded America by failing to disclose two $500,000 payments from the defense contractor on whose pad he served on his income tax returns." And...

In August 2004, as the defamatory attacks on Kerry were escalating, Cunningham affixed his name to a letter denouncing the Democratic nominee that the Bush campaign arranged. He signed it, according to the federal charging papers, on the same day he was cut two more checks for a half-million dollars.

We need to "pause and salute Randy Cunningham on his way out of town toward the beckoning slammer," says Oliphant, Cunningham is the height of "hypocrisy and corruption."


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