Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kerry’s Christmas Goose Is in the Bag

From Washington Whispers:

Kerry’s Christmas Goose Is in the Bag

Sorry, PETA; Sen. John Kerry really does hunt–and not just when the campaign cameras are whirring. Remember that scene in late October of last year’s presidential election when Kerry emerged from a muddy Ohio field in a new camo jacket cradling a shotgun but not his dead goose? The one that prompted critics to giggle that the photo op was ginned up to show that the Boston brahmin was a regular guy?

Well, sources tell us that Kerry is an avid bird and deer hunter, and a good shot to boot. The proof: Early last week, he traveled to Nebraska for a waterfowl hunt. The senator and some friends, including old Swift Boat pal Jim Wasser, bagged 10 mallards, some smaller widgeons, and two Canada geese. We hear “J.K.” and Wasser met near Decatur, Neb., by the Missouri River, huddled in a bunkhouse, grilled some steaks, popped a few beers, and watched the Colts-Steelers Monday-night football game on a 14-inch TV. They were out by 4:45 a.m. Tuesday. Temperature: 19 degrees. Wind: 30 mph. Kerry, armed with a Benelli shotgun; Wasser, and six others set the decoys on a pond and jumped into two blinds. At sunup, three ducks screamed in and the crew nailed ‘em with their 12-gauges. Nearly a dozen more fell by lunchtime, all retrieved by the host’s black lab, Bo. “Not bad for a few hours’ hunting,” said a Kerry buddy, who added that the birds will probably be served for Christmas dinner.


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