Thursday, December 01, 2005

U.S. News: Gary Hart Backs Kerry's Iraq Plan

A story in the U.S. News, notes that Gary Hart backs John Kerry's Iraq plan. The U.S. news is referring to the email sent out by yesterday in which Hart noted his support for Kerry's plan, stating:

When I first read John Kerry’s October speech on Iraq, I knew it was a turning point. He spoke with the same unwavering voice - truth speaking to power - as he did when I first heard him speak out about the war in Vietnam in 1971. John Kerry got it right last month when he said, “Asking tough questions isn’t pessimism; it’s patriotism” and then answered those questions by offering a detailed plan to get the troops home.

U.S. News says, "Hart's use of the Kerry mailing list and his endorsement of Kerry's plan mark the latest demonstration by the Massachusetts senator that he plans to stay engaged in national policy as he mulls a second try at the presidency." The speculation by the media and pundits of whether Kerry will run again, is rampant. Kerry himself, will not state his intentions. He's said over and over agin, he's focused on now and the helping Democrats win in '06. U.S. News comments that this 'strategy' from Kerry to give major policy addresses helps to keep his name in the media -- evidently they are not opposed to helping keep his name in the media, too:

Most political strategists believe that he will run. Associates note that he is essentially following the same strategy leading to a run that he did in 2002-2004. That strategy had Kerry giving some major policy addresses, traveling extensively, and keeping his name in the media.

We're glad to see Hart's support of the Kerry plan here at The Democratic Daily. Hart noted yesterday that:

"In recent weeks, Democratic leaders across America–Jack Murtha, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Pat Leahy, John Edwards, and Barack Obama–have questioned the Bush administration's unfocused 'stay as long as it takes' approach.Democrats have joined together to offer substantive alternatives to get it right in Iraq and made it clear that our conscience and conviction lie with taking care of our troops."

It's good to have Gary Hart's voice added to that effort.


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