Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kos Continues To Do Rove's Work For Him

While I realize it isn’t the case, if Republicans wanted to plant a mole among Democrats to impair their ability to fight Bush they couldn’t have done a better job than Kos is doing for them. I refuse to post a link, but those of you who care about his take on the Boston Globe story will have no problem finding it.

He starts with a ridiculous lead, “Kerry thinks he’s top Democratic war critic” which reminds me of previous posts when Kos claimed Kerry was calling himself an outsider when it was actually a Boston Globe writer doing this. Kos then repeats his claims going back to the primary battles that Kerry supported the war, even repeating the Republican line in distorting the reporting of Kerry’s comments during the campaign. Kos ignores the important distinction between supporting an authority to go to war when threatened with supporting the actual war. Of course has no mention of Kerry’s statements as to how Bush misused this authority, or any of his pre-war statements opposing going to war.

To fight Bush and this war, opponents of the war need to stick together. We certainly don’t need people like Kos helping Republicans make the false claim to justify the war that Democrats like Kerry supported the war. The right wing noise machine is already too powerful. We don’t need people like Kos spreading their lies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kos is still bitter Dean didn't win the nomination.

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