Friday, November 11, 2005

John Kerry Responds to George Bush's Veterans Day Political Attacks

Today, George Bush delivered a Veteran's Day speech that should have been used to honor our Veteran's and active duty troops, yet instead it was used as a tool for criticism of the growing dissent against the Iraq War. Without naming names, Bush filled his speech with more lies, more misleading statements and his usual fear and smear tactics. He reiterated the same old, "stay the course" message, repackaged into, "We will never back down. We will never give in."

In response to Bush's speech today, John Kerry issued the following statement from Boston, where earlier today he participated in a Veterans Day tribute to America's veterans and active duty armed forces:

"I wish President Bush knew better than to dishonor America's veterans by playing the politics of fear and smear on Veterans Day. Instead of trying to salvage his slumping political fortunes, the Commander in Chief should honor our men and women in uniform with a clear strategy for success in Iraq. But this Administration abandoned that path long ago, and our troops have paid the price for it.

"This administration misled a nation into war by cherry-picking intelligence and stretching the truth beyond recognition. That's why Scooter Libby has been indicted. That's why a statement in the State of the Union Address was retracted. It's a dangerous day for our national security when an Administration's word is no good. Today they continue the same games hoping Americans forget the mess they made in Iraq that's cost over 2,000 Americans their lives and their failure to find Osama bin Laden. Americans will not forget, and neither will those of us who defend our country by asking tough questions and demanding a new course in Iraq."

The calls for change in Iraq grow daily. Bush would do better to listen to the criticism and heed the advice of those who speak the Truth to Power. With America's distrust in Bush growing daily, today he only succeeded in further dividing our nation.

UPDATE: Ron Fournier of AP NEWS writes "Bush Revisits Campaign Playbook" noting that "it's highly unusual for a re-elected president to go after his fallen rival. It shows just how grim things are for Bush."


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