Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kerry-led Committee Helps Elect Democrats Across the Country

Democrats Win Both Governors Races and Critical Local Races, Defeat California’s Proposition 75

Heading into the 2006 election cycle, yesterday we saw a strong showing for 2005 candidates supported by John Kerry's PAC - Keeping America’s Promise.

Washington, D.C. – John Kerry congratulated Democrats Jon Corzine and Tim Kaine for their victories in the New Jersey and Virginia Governors races and other Democratic candidates who won across the country last night, complimented California on defeating Prop. 75 and spoke of the importance of Democrats’ strong showing in the 2005 elections.

“This president came to power saying he wanted to unite us and not divide us, and has done just the opposite,” Kerry said. “Monday night, on the way home from a failed diplomatic trip to South America, President Bush stopped in Richmond in a last ditch effort to energize the Republican base by campaigning for one of the most insulting, vituperative and nasty gubernatorial candidates this country has seen, a candidate right out of the Rove playbook, and his political results were no better than his diplomatic results. From Virginia to California, from Maine to Minnesota, people spoke up for a more inclusive politics yesterday and against the efforts of those who would use hot button issues and even hotter television ads to divide us. If I were a Republican, I would be concerned that the results of last year are just that and not a guide to the future.”

“The 2005 elections demonstrated the strength of the Democratic Party and our vision for a stronger America,” Kerry continued. “Voters rejected the divisive, dishonest politics of the Republican Party and President Bush. They are tired of the failed leadership and misplaced priorities in Washington under one party-rule. They want fresh ideas and leaders who focus on their needs every day. Our challenge now is to build on our successes in 2005 and create a national campaign focused on setting America on a new course in 2006. Like we did this year, our leadership committee, Keeping America’s Promise, will continue to provide grassroots support for Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party nationally in 2006.”

Under Kerry’s leadership, Keeping America’s Promise has donated more than $2 million to date to support more than 80 Democratic candidates up for election in 2005 and 2006. Keeping America’s Promise has provided grassroots support to Democrats in New Jersey, Virginia, Minnesota and other states across the country, helping to elect governors, mayors, state legislative seats, city council members and county executives in the 2005 campaign and to defeat Prop. 75 in California. This grassroots activity has included email appeals, fundraisers, volunteers, and direct contributions from the PAC. Kerry has traveled to 15 states to campaign on behalf of Democrats and progressive causes this year.

“From the statewide and legislative races in New Jersey and Virginia to local elections in Iowa and Minnesota, Democratic candidates won on the strength of their ideas and their positive vision for the future,” Kerry said. “Keeping America’s Promise is committed to helping Democrats repeat these kinds of results in 2006.”


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