Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Reality Check for Joan Vennochi

In today's Boston Globe, Joan Vennochi, known for spewing venom about John Kerry, writes that John Kerry needs a reality check. What's interesting about Vennochi's column today is she makes a big deal about Hillary and an upcoming fundraising event in Boston and makes a veiled claim that this means something in terms of support for Kerry in MA, if he does run again in 2008. HOGWASH. And Vennochi herself even contradicts her point, here:

But because presidential politics is first about money, a second, credible Kerry presidential campaign is not impossible: ''John Kerry represents the most likely person to be the credible alternative," says Steven Grossman, the past Democratic National Committe chairman and Howard Dean presidential campaign chairman. Grossman attributes Kerry's status to his fund-raising capability, coveted e-mail list of 3 million, and battle-tested experience.

Why Vennochi is chattering about 2008 is beyond me, other than attempting to stir the pot, there's no substance to her column, today. Yes, Ted Kennedy stated the other day that if Kerry runs again, and Hillary runs as well, he will support Kerry. That's a given. For anyone with any smarts, the choice is clear between the two.

As to the fundraiser coming up in Boston at the end of this month, that Vennochi spins is all about Hillary, it's not. The hostess of the event says as much, and who the honary co-chairs are says as much as well...

On Oct. 28, philanthropist and Democratic activist Barbara Lee is sponsoring a rally and fund-raiser for four female US senators -- Clinton of New York, Dianne Feinstein of California, Maria Cantwell of Washington and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan. Lee, a past Kerry presidential supporter, is also a huge advocate for female candidates, from the local to national level. As far as 2008, Lee said it is ''too early to talk about it, or think about it. "

But the reality is that in Boston, events like the Oct. 28 gala are rock star moments for Clinton; and the battle lines between two senators' presidential dreams are apparent.

In Boston fashion, however, everyone pretends they are not. Teresa Heinz Kerry is one of the event's honorary co-chairs, along with Kennedy's wife, Victoria Reggie Kennedy.

Honestly, the only one who needs a reality check is Ms. Vennochi for her attempts to spin something from a whole lot of nothing. John Kerry himself has stated it's all about 2006 right now and he's helped to raise money for Hillary's re-election.

As for how the good people from MA feel about Kerry running again, if he chooses to, I'm not sure who Vennochi is speaking for, but I suspect it's just herself. Everyone I know from MA, feels the same way I do about the possibility of Kerry running again - ECSTATIC.

Note to Joan Vennochi: Take a lesson from John Kerry... Right now it's all about '06. Until he states categorically that he is running again, all you are doing is spewing conjucture and sturring up trouble. But, we all know that's something you are good at. I'll give you one bit of credit, Ms Vennochi, at least you were fairly objective in today's column. A little more of that would go a long way.


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