Friday, October 14, 2005

Intelligent Design Equals Creationism (Equals Bunk)

We’ve never had any doubt that the use of the term “intelligent design” is just an attempt to pass off creationism with a new word. The Panda’s Thumb presents more evidence of this. They present court transcripts which show that the publishers of a major textbook promoting intelligent design just took out the word “creationism” from the text and substituted “intelligent design.” In the wrong hands, find and replace capabilies of word processors can be a dangerous thing.


Anonymous ChronoFish said...

What are the Chances of Life?

The creationist/IDers (Intelligent Design advocates) love to say “Life is too complex to have been created by chance”. The problem is that they are looking at the end results and then computing the probability that it got there - rather than computing the probability for any life.

To demonstrate what I mean I would like you to do a little experiment. You will need two things - a jar of pennies (the more pennies the better), and a 5×4 foot (or larger) unobstructed clean flat spot on the floor - preferably with out any carpet - the larger the area the better.

Now stand in the square and hold the jar of pennies at shoulder height. Turn the jar over and watch carefully what happens.

The results can be seen here:


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