Thursday, October 13, 2005

John Kerry Campaigns Against Prop. 75 in Los Angeles

John Kerry was in Los Angeles today with Mayor Antonia Villaraigosa to support the fight against the Governator's Proposition 75.

Proposition 75 is a ballot initiative on union dues that could end up depriving union members and working people of having a say in California politics. It would require public employee unions to seek written permission from members before using dues for political purposes.

Kerry, speaking outside a downtown firehouse, said the initiative would condemn workers to "a completely unfair system."

The proposal "represents part of an ongoing effort by the Republican Party to create an unfair playing field, to change the balance of democracy in America," the former Democratic presidential nominee said. "They want a one-sided argument — their side."

While pharmaceutical, insurance and other industries pump millions of dollars into political races, the California proposition would "take away the voices of the firefighters, the police officers, the teachers, the nurses," the Massachusetts senator said.



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