Friday, September 30, 2005

Wading Through the River of Republican Corruption

Every day the river gets deeper, and I'm not talking about the Mississippi. It's the river of Republican corruption, that I am referring to -- and the river Denial that keeps some in the media still spouting GOP talking points.

Earlier this week Ron and I both pointed out a recent example of this from the Boston Herald as they leveled yet another baseless attack on John Kerry and took his words out of context. Our posts on the latest from the Boston Herald can be found here, here and here. has a must read post today, "The Media's Role In The Maligning Of John Kerry."

How telling about the state of our media that there are still Pre$$titutes willing to play the 'bash Kerry' game. So let's call a spade a spade: if Kerry were president today, America would be on the road to recovery, recovery of our dignity, recovery of our integrity, recovery of our reputation as the world's moral leader.

As we wade through a river of Republican corruption, and as the sham of "Bush the protector" drowns in the murky waters of Katrina, it would serve us well to remind ourselves how we got here, and to recognize the central role played by the media.

I'll take Presstitutes points a step or two further and suggest that when left-wing bloggers echo the talking points of the Pre$$titutes, they're not helping the situation at all, as I pointed out here. As the river of Republican corruption gets deeper daily, we need to get on board the unity train. It's one thing to disagree with our own leaders, but it's another to use GOP talking points when we do.

The golden opportunity is here for Democrats to band together and draw strength from the wake of the river of corruption. "We don’t have to agree on every little thing our Democratic leaders say or do, but standing behind them in unity can go a long way, at time when we need to do what they have done so well for so long, shore up our bases."

Kudos to for speaking up and catching on to what Ron and I have been saying here on The Democratic Daily.


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