Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Meets with John Kerry reports that Cindy Sheehan has met with John Kerry...

Answers to Cindy's Questions

1. What noble cause? “This is an artsy question that is hard to answer. However I can tell you that a war based on lies is not noble, but a war based on bringing freedom to people is noble.”

2. How many more lives? “If we can not achieve the goal of bring freedom, I do not want to see any more lives lost in this war.”

3. How many lives are you personally willing to risk? “I will say the same thing. If this war will not bring freedom to the Iraqi people I am not willing to personally risk any lives.”

4. What are you doing to bring our troops home? “I believe that we are in a critical two month stage right now. The Iraqi people are supposed to have an election in December.”

Other comments made to Cindy during the meeting:

- He told Cindy “What you are doing is saving lives.”
- “I can not tell you how much I hate what he (Bush) has done.”
- “Rumsfeld is a disgrace.”
- “There are countries that will not become involved with Bush.”
- “What we are doing now has hurt the strength of our military.”


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