Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The "Snore Room"

The rightwing blogosphere is attempting to make a big deal about the documentary Inside the Bubble, a behind-the-scenes look at the Kerry campaign. After viewing the clips available online, I think the working title should be 'The Snore Room.' Beyond Kerry staffers and volunteers, I doubt anyone would want to watch the recycled footage of the sleep-deprived existence of a few members of Kerry's campaign staff.

We all remember the documentary on the Clinton campaign, The War Room. The War Room was popular because it starred James Carville, Paul Begala, and George Stephanopoulos. 'The Snore Room' stars mid level Kerry campaign staff, primarily advance team and logistical support staff. Insinuating "what went wrong" revolved around this select group of staff, is absurd. If this is Steve Rosenbaum best attempt at getting "inside the bubble," someone needs to burst his bubble.

One can certainly can sympathize with the film producer because he is obviously struggling to peddle this white elephant, to recoup the expense of making the film. From the looks of one clip Rosenbaum has taken his flop and sold it as a shill to the infamous Swift Liars and the red elephants (or rejoicing republicans, as the promo says).

My sources tell me that the Inside the Bubble crew traveled very sporadically with the Kerry campaign as members of the Traveling Press. The film crew was granted no inside access to senior staff members, no access to the top decision-makers or the decision-making process, and virtually no access to John Kerry, himself. One former campaign staffer notes never seeing the film crew at HQ. Most of the footage has already ended up on the failed TV show, "Staffers" and no doubt the cutting room floor.

Laughable among the clips is a staffer attempting to set up a practical joke for another staffer's birthday. Rosenbaum attempts to make the innuendo that the scene is about the campaign in his pre-release video clip, but watching the clip, it's clear that it is nothing more than a practical joke amongst campaign staffers who were on the road, working long arduous hours. Retaining a sense of humor is a must even in the heat of presidential campaign.

One has to wonder what the film would have played like, if things had turned out differently. Anyone with an inkling into the film business knows that a film such as this is skewed to the view of the producer. While Rosenbaum may have started the film process with one vision, clearly his focus changed for some feeble attempt of personal gain.

At this point, Inside the Bubble has no distribution deal, no network interested in it, and no viable film critics particularly care about it. The only hope Steve Rosenbaum and crew have is to turn this mundane flop into something controversial, which it's clear he's attempting to do by marketing it to a republican audience, as the only coverage it's gotten has been from inside the Noise Machine.

What might have been Rosenbaum and crew's 15 minutes of fame has fizzled... the best they can expect is 15 seconds! Perhaps, Rosenbaum should have tried to get inside access to Michael Brown's team at FEMA, then he might very well have a blockbuster. CUT.

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Blogger IFK Editor said...

Yeah, after seeing the release clips I have to say it will probably play better to Kerry insiders and volunteers who will enjoy the chance to relive their hard work and enthusiasm before the final vote, but the general public (especially Republican freepers) will be bored to death.

Far from making Kerry look bad I found certain clips were sympathize to him. How can any person stand up under the glare of the spotlight as well as he did 24/7.

It made it painfully clear running for President is probably the equivalent of a year and a half long version of the Tour de France. A grueling slog with a few speedy bursts but mostly lots of ups and downs.

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