Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Senator Kennedy, Please Do Not Help The Kerry Bashers

Letter to Senator Kennedy's office following the posting of his comments on the Downing Street Minutes on Daily Kos:

I was pleased to see Senator Kennedy's comments on the Downing Street Minutes as posted on your web site.

I do wish that you hadn't used this release to help promote Daily Kos by cross posting there. There are plenty of better venues for releasing information to the Democratic bloggers. Kos has been using his site to regularly attack the other Senator from Massachusetts. Just today Kos used the release of Senator Kerry's military records as reason to attack John Kerry, and in another recent week had three main blog posts attacking him.

A site which regularly attacks John Kerry does not deserve the support of prominent Democrats such as Senator Kennedy.

The negative tone of Daily Kos is also frequently cited by other blogs to claim liberals are negative and full of hatred, obscuring our message. Unfortunately Kos's site gives them far too much ammunition to make this case. During the Presidential campaign the Kerry campaign even wound up removing Daily Kos from their blog list due to Kos's inappropriate comments following the death of American workers in Iraq.

While I understand and applaud your desire to make use of the liberal blogosphere, I hope you reconsider your use of Daily Kos in the future.

Ron Chusid
Light Up The Darkness Blog, and
The Unofficial Kerry for President Blog


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