Sunday, June 05, 2005

Teresa Heinz to graduates: Give something back

Teresa Heinz to graduates: Give something back
June 5, 2005 4:04 PM The Associated Press

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CALDWELL, Idaho Teresa Heinz -- wife of former presidential contender John Kerry -- told graduates of Albertsons College of Idaho this weekend that they have a role to play in creating a healthy environment.

Heinz has a vacation home in the Sun Valley area. She told the students that the stars in Idaho's night skies remind her of her homeland in Mozambique, East Africa.

But she said that in too many world cities, air pollution and bright lights have taken the stars away. She says the next generation must dare to demand more from their world and their environment.

During Heinz' visit this weekend, she was greeted by local newspaper ads and letters to the editor criticizing her as a radical leftist.

But leaders of Albertson's Class of 2005 say they invited her because of her credentials in issues on the environment, education, the arts and women's issues.


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