Saturday, June 04, 2005

Values of Modern Liberalism

I see from the comments at Light Up The Darkness that we have the return of a visitor who is confused as to what we stand for. He appears to be trapped in an old Ayn Rand novel with little understanding of what liberals really believe in. Our model is far closer to what the founding fathers envisioned, in a sense placing us more in the tradition of true conservativism than the current neoconservatives. This is for our visitor, as well as everyone else who has been blinded by the propaganda of the far right.

Contrary to what is claimed in a recent comment, this site isn't for Democrats Only. We have many people who have voted Republican in the past, but who are opposed to the extremist policies of the current Republican leadership. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, true Conservatives, Libertarians, and others have much in common in opposing this nightmarish union of neoconservatives and the religious right.

Of course different people have different priorities and their priorities may be a little different. Ultimately liberalism stands for individual liberty and an openness to different ideas. This unites us in opposing the current far right policies of the current Republican leadership regardless of our specific political views. Following are some of the principles behind my writings here:

Individual liberty rather than a government which is increasingly intrusive in individual's lives.

Free market capitalism rather than the crony capitalism and corporate welfare system of the far right which uses the government to transfer wealth from small businessmen, entrepreneurs, and working people to big business and the ultra-wealthy.

A rational and strong defense against foreign enemies, which understands our need to work with other nations, and to win the battle for hearts and minds around the world.

Separation of church and state rather than imposing a single set of religious values upon all.

Separation of powers, including an independent judiciary, rather than centralization of power within a small group.

Transparency in government rather than increased government secrecy and dishonesty.

A free and honest news media rather than an increasing trend towards media under control of the far right using Soviet-style propaganda techniques to influence public opinion.

Agreement with Bill Clinton that "the era of big government is over" and opposition to its return under George Bush.

Support for government programs which have been proven to be both necessary and valuable, such as Medicare and Social Security, rather than a knee jerk opposition to all government programs.

Sound fiscal policies rather than running up huge deficits.

Protection of the environment, which does not have to be overly restrictive on business, but which is also not going to come about without some government regulation.


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