Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Olbermann Debunks Right-Wing Spin on Kerry’s Downing Street Memo Statement

Keith Olbermann aired a brief debunking tonight on the conservative spin on John Kerry’s Downing Street Memo statement last week in the Standard Times, which Ron posted here last Thursday. Newsmax picked up the story early Friday morning and twisted it into a claim that Kerry would call for impeachment. The Conservative Voice quickly rallied to the right-wing spin machine and posted their version, which Ron debunked here first on Friday.

Watch Keith Olbermann’s debunking here: Real Media Format or Windows Media Format

Spin, Spin, Spin and How the Left Helps the Right…

Most disturbing in this classic case of spin is how the left-wing helped the right-wing in perpetuating these untruths. In his statement to the Standard Times, Kerry said that the Downing Street Memo, though not being discussed by the media, had not been missed by the internet. No truer words could have been spoken by Senator Kerry, as the internet took off with his statement to the Standard Times, and blogs and forums, right and left had a heyday with their own versions of the statement.



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