Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Kerry to Air "Kids First" Ad on TV

In an email today to his over 3 million online supporters, John Kerry announced his intention to run his first TV ad for his Kids First campaign.

Here’s some quips from his email:

Following last year's elections, I made the Kids First Act of 2005 my top priority legislative initiative. From organizing a Kids First Petition drive that has now gathered 700,000 signatures to traveling the country promoting our bill, I've poured time and attention into moving Kids First forward. And so have you. In fact, you were one of the first people to sign on to help. We both acted because we know that nothing matters more than helping children living without health care.

Now, it's time to take to the airwaves and carry our message - and our cause - even further. The ad I've enclosed is being put on the air by Keeping America's Promise, a political action committee determined to "give voice to our values" in the most critical legislative and electoral contests of 2005 and 2006.

All the Republican leaders in Congress want to talk about is amassing more power for themselves. But, we're changing the subject and demanding that Congress put Kids First. I'm urging each and every member of the community to get involved in this effort - especially people like you, those who saw the importance of putting Kids First from the very beginning of our effort.

With your immediate help, this Kids First ad will run across America, focused where it can do the most good -- in the hometowns of Senate Finance and House Commerce committee members. They are the ones who can either move forward with efforts to help uninsured children and their families or block those efforts.

We're going to insist that they act. Real reform to make sure America's children don't have to live without health care isn't even on the radar screen for Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, George Bush and other Republican leaders.

They're too busy protecting their own power and forcing extreme judges and radical proposals through Congress. Let's use our power to put Kids First.

The Kids First ad and the entire Kids First effort have a single goal - to create a groundswell of popular support for this essential legislation -- one that can't be denied by the endless foot-dragging of Republican leaders in Congress.

I urge you to help press forward on this vitally important task. Together, we will give voice to our values - and we won't stop working until we win.

John Kerry

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The Kids First Act (S. 114) is currently sponsored by Senators Boxer, Landrieu, Kennedy, Dayton, Lautenberg, Corzine, Murray and Cantwell. Please join LUTD in asking your Senator to sponsor and support Kids First.


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