Friday, June 10, 2005

Kerry Ad Promotes Health Care for Children

8 June 2005

AP News gets a nod tonight for giving John Kerry’s Kids First ad (mentioned here earlier today)a headline in the newswires. Note where the ad will first air, Texas and Tennessee…

Sen. John Kerry is funding a political advertisement in key Republican districts, a move aimed at rallying support for health care coverage for uninsured children.

The ad will begin airing Monday in the home districts of House Republican leader Tom DeLay of Texas and Senate Republican leader Bill Frist of Tennessee, as well the districts of GOP members of the House Commerce and Senate Finance committees. Those districts will be in Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Maine, but the specific media markets were not released.

Kerry spokeswoman Katharine Lister said it will be an aggressive media buy and the ad will run for a week, but she would not disclose the cost. It is being funded by Kerry's political action committee, Keeping America's Promise.

The ad talks about the 11 million children who have no health insurance, and it urges viewers to tell politicians in Washington to support health care legislation for America's kids, legislation Kerry has sponsored. It does not mention Kerry or any of the Republicans by name.

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The Kids First Act (S. 114) is currently sponsored by Senators Boxer, Landrieu, Kennedy, Dayton, Lautenberg, Corzine, Murray and Cantwell. Please join LUTD in asking your Senator to sponsor and support the Kids First Act.


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