Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another Blog Defending Kerry

I just came across this sound take on the release of Kerry's military records from August J. Pollack who says:

. . .the Guys With Websites don't care. This shouldn't be a suprise. They declared Kerry a traitor and a bad soldier in the 2004 election; if he released his records then they wouldn't have shut up, they simply would have done what they've instantly resorted to doing now, which is now claim that Kerry tampered with them.

If Kerry bowed to right-wing pressure last year and given them the records because he actually felt he had something to prove to them, what would be next? Accepting their challenge to debate them in that god-awful Sinclair Media propoganda "Stolen Honor" event? Allowing them to examine his scars live on television the night before the election? Each ridiculous demand would top the next, and each would be backed by the warbloggers with the proud standby that "if he doesn't say yes, he's hiding something."

They just hated Kerry, guys. There was nothing Kerry could have done to prevent that. Giving in to their nonsense demands wouldn't have proven a thing to them or the media; it merely would have validated them as a legitimate interest group.


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