Friday, May 20, 2005

Finding People Who Agree With Bush

The LA Times exposes how that Bush tour works, and how it happens that all those twenty-something people love different aspects of his plans. Perhaps this also gives a clue as to why Bush was so unprepared to handle opposing viewpoints in the debates. From the LA Times:

As President Bush resumes his cross-country campaign to promote his vision of Social Security restructuring, it's no secret that he is relying on outside organizations to help provide the supporting cast.

Yet a memo circulated this week among members of one group, Women Impacting Public Policy, illustrates the lengths to which the White House has gone to make sure the right points are made at the president's public appearances.

"President Bush will be in Rochester, N.Y., for an upcoming event and has called on WIPP for help," said the memo to New York-area members, from one of the group's leaders. "He would like to visit with local workers about their views on Social Security."

The memo went on to solicit several types of people "who he would like to visit with" — including a young worker who "knows that [Social Security] could run out before they retire," a young couple with children who like "the idea of leaving something behind to the family" and a single parent who believes Bush's proposal for individual investment accounts "would provide more retirement options and security" than the current system.

The people solicited appeared to represent various arguments that Bush has been making for why Social Security should be overhauled. The memo requested an immediate response, because "we will need to get names to the White House."



Blogger clevelandchick said...

I know plenty of people who do not delve into the complexities of the problem and just agree.

What's worse is that I know deep in my heart there are those that agree with him (falsely) just because they think he means more money in their pocket. They are not big picture people, they are what can I get now people and there are a lot of them.

The biggest fable out there is that Bush won because of the Evangelicals, and they are working that line to the bone. But the truth is, there are a hell of a lot of Americans who voted for Bush purely out of greed and self-interest. I know several and they are regretting their decision.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

What they don't realize is that Bush's policies are so favorable to the ultra rich, and primarily to those with either lots of inherited wealth or at heads of big corporations, that most people are financially better off with Bush out.

The evangelicals helped, but they were just part of the picture. It doesn't look like the proportion of religious conservatives voting was significantly higher than in the past. Where they were significant is that they balanced out the additional voters Democrats got to the polls in 2004.

9:23 PM  

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