Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Clone Wars

This should drive the religious right absolutely nuts once it hits the news here. Soon after the recent reports of progress in cloning out of Korea, The Guardian is now reporting that British scientists have cloned a human embryo. The clones are not being used to create entire human beings (or armies as in Star Wars), but are being used to create stem cell lines. The group discussed in this article is using the technology to look for possible cures for Type 1 diabetes.

While the Unites States is lagging behind countries such as South Korea and Great Britian in stem cell research, it appears likely the House will pass legislation to relax the restrictions imposed by George Bush. With many Republicans being influenced by the business benefits of such research, if not the medical benefits, it appears that both Houses of Congress may have enough support for stem cell research to be able to over ride a threatened veto of any legislation from President Bush.


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