Friday, May 20, 2005

The Goals of Right Wing Judicial Activism

Catherine Crier has written about her recent interview with Patrick Buchanan in which he made it clear that the goal is not just Republican judges but far right activist judges who will pursue the goals of the religious right. Buchanan, as with other current Republican leaders, are dissatisfied with previous Republican court appointees, and see control of the Supreme Court as the key to pursue their agenda. According to Buchanan, who recently commented on Republican setbacks in the culture wars, "Control of it is more important tin the social culture war in America than control of Congress in the United States. That ultimately is what this is all about."

Crier concluded her comments on this interview, and the goals of the right wing, with:

The real fight is not over the lower courts in the federal system, but instead, the ultimate prize--the highest court in the land. There is no question that President Bush will have the opportunity to appoint several justices to that Court during his second term. He has made his ideological preferences clear. Conservative justices aren’t enough. He wants jurists of a particular persuasion. They must satisfy the requirements of fundamentalist Christians, with a willingness to roll back the clock to a time where children prayed to Jesus in public school, gays were back in the closet and women were forced into back alleys.

Those with different religious beliefs, (forget those with none at all), are dismissed entirely. Those who assert they are moral without believing in the Scriptures, verbatim, go straight to Hell.

If we want a Theocracy in this country, then ignore the assault on our nation’s judges. If you believe in the Republic that our Founding Fathers bequeathed, then prepare to battle for the one remaining branch of the government that has not yet been co-opted -- the federal Judiciary.


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