Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sour Grapes from MyDD

Jerome continues his senseless bashes on John Kerry. This time he claims JohnKerry's website was a near-complete failure. It looks like sour grapes from the guy who lost the battle that mattered.

Jerome, along with his associate, and fellow Kerry-basher Kos, was on the Dean payroll to provide advice on the use of the internet. Where it counted, they failed. A poll from the Des Moines Register conducted at the time of the Iowa caucus found that most people who used the internet to find information on candidates voted not for Dean but for John Kerry.


Blogger IFK Editor said...

Yeah, Kos and MyDD are sad.

Personally I think they get more satisfaction of saying "I told you so" that Bush won, even though Kerry probably made it a closer fight than any of the other Dem candidates could have.

With friends like them who needs enemies.

I also think they have inflated egos about how many people read their articles or what type of diference they're actually making.

Most the time they're just complaining.

Meanwhile Kerry and his supporters are trying to get legislation for kids health care passed and fighting any number of bad Bush proposals.

Kerry and his supporters don't have to answer to these people.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me about it IFK editor. I didn't know both Jerome and Kos had been on the Dean payroll, it's something to remember next time I see those sites.
I don't see how anybody could logically say Dean would have won or even made it a closer race than Kerry did. I liked somethings Dean had to say, and I supported his Chiarmanship run, its Dean supporters that are a pain in the neck.
I rarely hear any solutions ofered up at DailyKos or at Mydd. Just ranting and raving about the Bush administration or about the Kerry campaign. Rarely are electoral solutions or policy solutions ever offered. Some people at Kos also have the notion that Dean could have won in the South, that's a good one.
Everyone on these blogs complain Kerry was not liberal enough or was too DLC. Still, they give a pass to Clinton, a DLC CHAIRMAN who was NOT a liberal president. At least Kerry is offering up good critiques of Bush Administration moves AND is developing solutions of his own.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

The amusing thing is that Dean isn't all that liberal. Kerry and Dean were actually pretty close on the issues, having virtually the same position on Iraq, for example. Where they did differ, such as on gun control, Kerry was the more liberal of the two.

Also join us on Light Up the Darkness. With blogger often so slow to respond, we tend to use that a lot more for discussion.

10:40 AM  

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