Friday, March 11, 2005

Read The News--Don't Watch TV

A study to be published in Mass Communicatins & Society showed distinct differences between people who received their news from television versus print media, again casting doubt about the conservative claims of a liberal media:

Liberals who gleaned most of their news from television in the days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks increased their support for expanded police powers, bringing them closer in line with the opinions of conservatives, a study by a UW-Madison researcher shows.

In contrast, heavy newspaper reading by liberals was related to lower levels of support for expanded police powers and for limits on privacy and freedom of information, basically reinforcing the differences between liberals and conservatives, says Dietram Scheufele, a journalism professor who conducted the study.

The lead investigator says "It wasn't just a Fox News phenomenon. It was across all of the TV coverage." The article specifically cites coverage on CNN and MSNBC to show it isn't just a Fox News phenomenon. As CNN and MSNBC have moved considerably towards the right, this is no surprise. No information on this account how network news compared to cable news. That might be academic anyways, with the recent moves to the right by NBC and CBS.


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