Friday, March 11, 2005

No End to The Absurd From Bush on Social Security

Only George Bush would try to turn poor access to health care and shorter life span by blacks to his political advantage--an argument as absurd as the one we covered yesterday. Obama's not going to let him get away with this one.

Obama slams Bush for linking accounts to blacks' life span

Social Security pitch `stunning,' he says

By Jeff Zeleny, Washington Bureau
Published March 11, 2005

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday called President Bush's suggestion that African-Americans could reap greater rewards from overhauling Social Security a "stunning" argument that ignored the true health issues facing blacks in this country.

As the president launched a two-day tour through the South to build support for his controversial plan to revamp Social Security, Democrats challenged a White House assertion that blacks would particularly gain from Bush's proposed private retirement accounts because they have fewer years to collect benefits considering they die younger.

"It is puzzling to me that we are even having this debate about whether Social Security is good or not for African-Americans," said Obama, an Illinois Democrat. "I frankly found the statement that the president made somewhat offensive."



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