Wednesday, March 16, 2005

John Kerry, Standing Up for America's Future

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot from John Kerry as he continues to stand up and fight for America’s Future. One of things that I have always admired about Senator Kerry is his strong commitment to the environment. From Kids First, to the ANWR fight, to pre-packaged news, and Small Business, John Kerry is not backing down.

Here are a few quips from another press release on the Arctic Refuge battle and some other Kerry news for the night…

"The fight over ANWR is more than a battle over the wildlife refuge, it's a battle over two very different visions of our energy future. The President has a plan to sell off our public lands to the special interests that will make us no less dependent on foreign oil and will not lower prices for consumers at the pump. We have a vision that will put America's energy future in the hands of Americans - by inventing our way to real energy independence, we will have energy sources that create jobs and lower prices - energy sources that no terrorist can hijack, no cartel can embargo, and that no American soldier will ever have to risk his life to defend.”



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