Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Democrats, Social Security, and the Investor Class

Another voice agrees with the view I've expressed previously (here and here) that the Democrats must do more than saying no to Bush's Social Security proposals in the hopes that the Republicans will self-destruct.

I discussed this primarily from the viewpoint of the younger voters who are interested in private accounts. John Zogby looks at this from the viewpoint of an overlapping block of voters--those who consider themselves part of the investor class. This includes a growing number of people who have investments in retirement accounts. Zogby warns that the Republicans could achieve a realignment of voters regardless of whether Bush wins on Social Security. He concludes with:

To the president and Republicans: You may lose the battle over Social Security personal accounts, but ultimately you may very well win the war over party realignment. To the Democrats: Just saying no is not a policy and demographics are not destiny. Ignore the "ownership society" at your own peril.

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