Monday, March 14, 2005

Speculation on Kerry's Future

Mass. reps wait in the wings as Kerry mulls future
By Noelle Straub
Monday, March 14, 2005

WASHINGTON - To run or not to run poses a complex dilemma for Sen. John F. Kerry as he ponders a series of choices looming in his political future: whether to pursue re-election in 2008, launch another presidential bid, or try to juggle both.
Speculation has already spread through Massachusetts Democratic circles about Kerry's intentions, given the pent-up ambition of nearly half the state's congressmen, who likely would try for Kerry's seat if he gave it up.
Kerry has clearly aimed to stay in the national spotlight since losing the election, keeping his name on the list of possible 2008 Democrat contenders.
But the next presidential election coincides with the end of Kerry's Senate term in 2008, posing a dilemma the Bay State senator did not face during his failed presidential bid. This time around there would be political pressure for Kerry to give up his seat if he decides to spend his time jetting around the country in a second attempt at capturing the Oval Office.



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