Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bush Flip Flops on Support For Free Speech in FCC Nomination

So much for Bush's earlier claims to be a free speech advocate. Previouslly I quoted Bush, in one of his rare statements I agree with, in stating "As a free-speech advocate, I often told parents who were complaining about content, you're the first line of responsibility; they put an off button (on) the TV for a reason. Turn it off."

This philosphy is not seen in his nomination of Kevin Martin to replace Powell as FCC chairman. Martin, who is currently on the FCC, is even further to the right than Powell in attempts to regulate "indency." The religious right has been pushing for his appointment, and we see that Bush has given in to the religious right rather than sticking to his previously stated principles of free speech. Martin wanted to go even further than the FCC in fining CBS $550,000 for the Janet Jackson's "waredrobe malfunction."Martin also wants to extend current restrictions to cable television and satelite radio.


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